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To the Tune of "Jingle Bells"

Light bulb - Thought of the Week

Now, I have to say I am not the author of this song, and nor do I know who it is. I have had it in my possession going on for two decades. I applaud the author, whoever he or she is. I share with you for your enjoyment at this time of the year.

Turn Around, Turn Around, Do it Right Away!

The Surgeon's Set, Is it Ready Yet? 'Cause the Case is Underway

The Surgeon's Set, Is it Ready Yet? 'Cause the Case is Underway

"A SPD Christmas"

‘Twas the week before Christmas and through SPD

We were dreaming of presents, and cookies, and trees.

When I came into work, my office was quiet,

I had no way of knowing it would soon be a riot.

I had just settled in with some numbers to crunch,

And I was hoping to have a draft budget by lunch.

I looked up from my desk when I heard a loud clatter

And ran into the department to see what was the matter

The doctors in Surgery had been adding on cases,

And the aisles by case carts looked like there were races.

The instrument table was piled to the sky

And the Tech there kept saying, "Why me Lord, Oh Why?"

I glanced at the desk and looked back with a jerk!

Was there someone beneath that mountain of work?

Just then Purchasing called to deliver a "groaner".

There’s a cart in the hall, and it’s piled with loaners!

"Come on guys let’s get moving, I know it’s a mess,

But I know in my heart that you’ll all do your best!"

I was doing my best, trying not to look harried,

But every instrument table was buried!

The Techs smiled and said "Try not to worry,"

"We can get them cleaned off in a heck of a hurry!"

From the back, someone called, "The Cartwash is down,

And the washer’s been making some terrible sounds!"

Carts were coming in fast as the wink of an eye,

And the Decontam Crew looked as if they could cry.

"We’ve called Maintenance and told them the cartwash is down, And the Decontam Guys have gone up on rounds."

I came back to the clean side and let out a YELP!

They were doing quick turnaround and needed some help!

Case Carts set up the add-ons with the speed of a race,

"It’s too bad that today, we’re not paid by the case."

We all pulled together to help build case carts,

And we set up some Totals, and ORIF’s, and Hearts.

When PM’s came in we all sighed with relief,

We knew that that crew could handle the grief.

Everyone started on instrument sets,

"Don’t worry," they said, "we’ll get through this yet."

They loaded the sterilizers and said with a grin,

"Let’s get this caught up before the night shift comes in!"

They ran tons of basins and instrument sets

And said with each load, "We’re not done with this yet!"

As each hour passed, things began to look brighter.

It was easy to see that the workload was lighter.

As I looked around and surveyed the scene,

The carts were all built and the tables were clean.

When we started this day, there was one thing I knew,

If anyone could do it, it’d be this SPD Crew!

And though it’s not said very often to you,

Your job’s so important, thanks for all that you do!

Each day that goes by, we’re so thankful you’re here!

Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Have a great holiday and a prosperous new year. Let 2020 slide out of existence and replace it with an optimistic 2021.


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