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Updated: Mar 10, 2022


We have been highlighting a lot of content on the N95 masks. We decided to pull back on the "Though of the Week segments." We didn't want to overload our followers with too much content. With the information slowing, we thought we would get back at it.

At this time, we first want to say thank you to all of our sisters and brothers that are healthcare workers. We are a family. Stay safe, and keep up the excellent work! Since we focus mainly on the sterile processing world, we want to remind the sterile processing staff to focus on your training and maintain standard precautions. Everybody is looking for quick fixes to the PPE issues. Be the leader, and use your critical thinking skills to keep everybody as safe as possible.

At Evolved Sterile Processing, our consultants have a greater focus on sterile processing. With our decades of experience, we will help you develop better processes and educational resources for your staff.

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