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Surgio Health

At Surgio we know the complexities and vulnerabilities present in hospital SPD's and the wider surgical supply chain. The Surgio Platform transforms your SPD from a necessary cost center to an OR optimization tool that positively impacts your healthcare value equation.

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Beyond Clean

Interim Sterile Processing Technicians

                Sterile Processing

What is Sterile Processing? Sterile processing is the cleaning, inspecting, disinfection and/or sterilization of medical devices used during a surgical procedure. The professionals in the hospital responsible for these tasks play a critical role in a healthcare facility’s ability to provide safe patient care- every instrument, every time.


Medical errors remain the cause of 440,000+ deaths every year. Healthcare associated infections affect 1.7 million people in the US alone each year and 25% of those are specifically associated with surgical site infections- an infection at the site of a surgical procedure.


There is no silver bullet when it comes to patient care- no “one thing” that will fix medical errors and surgical site infections. At Beyond Clean, we understand that safe surgical outcomes require precision, attention to detail, skillful craft and a whole lot of heart from all who interact directly or indirectly with the patient experience, especially sterile processing professionals. 


The partnerships we forge and the education we provide bring to life the real challenges that healthcare professionals face and provide ideas for meeting those challenges with tenacity. Are our ideas audacious at times? Absolutely. But, we think these kinds of ideas are what will bring true progress. Our loved ones deserve it.

Testing of an endoscope
Washer Disinfector
Sterile Processing Tech

How can we help your facility fight dirty? Contact us today! 

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Steelco Heart Hands

Creators of Quality.

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Complete Solutions for the CSSD 

Total Effectiveness and process monitoring 

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Air Purification Systems


Activepure air purification devices are designed for use in Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Dental Offices, Beauty Salons, just about anywhere you want cleaner air. There are even devices designed for a wide variety of your personal spaces. For more information contact:

Gary Gartkiewicz


Use code ESP19 for best pricing!

Air Purification Systems

ActivePure Air Purification

WHO USES ActivePure Technology? A short list of clients: • Used on the NASA International Space Station, at the Ground Zero Museum, the Pentagon, the Liberty Bell Museum, and hundreds of thousands of hospitals, doctor and dental offices, nursing facilities, hotels, schools, and homes. In fact, in 2020 the company experienced a 1,200% growth. • Over 2,000 units were placed throughout Washington State government facilities. • Nearly 30 Major League Baseball teams now have ActivePure technology in their facilities. • ActivePure Technologies has a partnership with Mitsubishi Brazil to mass-produce its first in-automobile air purifier,—AutoPure. • The Cleveland Clinic, which is one of the nation’s top medical research facilities, and the Texas State Capitol. • During a natural gas leak in Aliso Canyon, California, in late 2015 and early 2016, thousands of residents were able to stay in their home after Southern California Gas ordered 10,000 units and distributed them to residents. • The Pine View School community donated 130 units to be placed in every classroom.



Sterlink FDA
Sterlink Sterilizer

Introducing the first FDA-approved Ultra-High-Speed low-temperature desktop sterilizer with patented injection plasma pouch technology.


SAL of 10-6th validated to ensure sterilization stability.


Pouch mode 14 minutes

Full chamber mode 36 minutes


Capable of sterilizing a wide range of medical instruments, including lumens, batteries, video cameras, and expensive heat & moisture sensitive equipment.

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Cell- 1-908-894-4446

RMPS Products

The World of Surgical Instruments; The Definitive Inspection Textbook

- 506-page, hard cover textbook with over 1,100 high-resolution photos. 

- Step-by step guidance to properly inspect and process surgical instruments.

- Easy to follow, self-explanatory teaching photographs.

Instrument Coaching Cards

- 163 large (5” x 7.5”) color-coded cards each with a high-resolution photo.

- Includes instrument name, inspection points, instrument length and other special instructions.

- Excellent tool for teaching and learning.

NEW** The World of Surgical Instruments for Animal Health - A Veterinary Textbook

- All new valuable textbook for teaching Veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses and Veterinary Technicians. 

- 474-pages with 960 high resolution photos.

- Frequently asked questions at the beginning of most sections.

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SRS Sterilizer Cleaning

Sterilizer Refurbishing Services Inc cleans autoclave chambers and has been supplying associated sterilization products to the healthcare industry since 1986. 


SRS extends the lifespan of sterilizers by ensuring they receive the best care and maintenance. SRS technicians can transform a tarnished, deteriorating sterilizer into one that appears and functions like new. SRS factory trained technicians use a hands-on-technique to clean the sterilizer chamber, door(s), and end ring.


Sterilizer Refurbishing Services, Inc. - Cleaners and Allied Products

Sandra Walczak, CEO

Toll Free (800) 724-4766


Use code ESP19 for best pricing!

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Aside from cleaning autoclaves, SRS provides other products:  (click on the picture to view all items)

Evolved Sterile Processing Consulting is partnering with highly reputable companies to help bring high-quality products and services to the healthcare field. 

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