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Our Work

Our ESP stories provide an overview of the depth of our abilities to provide services to our customers in the sterile processing field. We have worked with many clients on a variety of projects. We have carefully guided our clients to overcome their challenges and build effective, long-lasting strategies in every project. Check out our work below to find out more.

Transitional Leadership

Transitional Leadership

ESP was contracted to redesign the leadership model for the Sterile Processing team. The goal was to eliminate a Director's position and redesign the FTE position. Along with the FTE goal, we were asked to review and address recent CMS recommendations for SPD and to help implement a new instrument tracking system. We successfully realigned the Director position and developed the FTE position into a Clinical SPD Coordinator/Educator position. This new position was able to support the new instrument tracking system and support the clinical needs assessed in the CMS report. Both the CMS review and the launching of the new instrument tracking system were a success.

Operational Success

ESP was contracted to train newly hired staff for the Sterile Processing Department while helping launch the new SPD department as a part of a go-live event in Surgical Services. A secondary request was to help educate dental technicians in preparation for certification in the sterile processing field. ESP assisted in the design of the SPD department and built the instrument sets. An extra added benefit was that we also trained the staff for endoscope reprocessing. The go-live was accomplished in 8 weeks. The SPD staff was certified within four months, and the dental technicians were certified shortly after that. The certification rate was 100%.

Pass Through HLD Unit

Risk Assessment 

Magnification Glass with Hand

ESP was contracted to complete a risk assessment for a Sterile Processing Department that was preparing for a CMS review. The remaining goals for the project were to evaluate the department for efficiencies and to review the department's Quality Assurance program. ESP completed the review and supplied the customer with a 23-page report on the findings while also providing references to national best standards.

Inventory Management

ESP participated in an instrument inventory for a hospital provider that had concerns over instrumentation loss. The instrument sets were inventoried and cross-matched against the instrument tracking system. Instrument trays were designated as complete, instrumentation duplicates, missing identification, and no family groupings. Recommendations for improvement were made for the design of the sterile storage area, development of standard nomenclature for instrumentation naming, data collection, and increased tracking points.

Surgical Instrumentation on Cart
Sterile Processing Technician

Interim Management 

ESP provided interim management resources for a level-one trauma center. During the interim management period, we were able to outline operational issues, hire additional staff, competency staff, and help onboard the new SPD Manager. 


Elaine Joyce, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CRNFA, CNOR

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Jefferson Health New Jersey (JHNJ) Surgical Services Department engaged consultant, Warren Nist, from Evolved Sterile Processing, LLC, in 2019, to assist with improving the Sterile Processing Departments at the three NJ hospitals and the Jefferson Surgery Center. Warren provided expert, on-site interim management focusing on, but not limited to, process throughput improvement, department redesign, creation of a Sterile Processing Educator position and selecting and installing a premium instrument tracking system. Warren also provided competency training, documentation development for regulatory compliance and preparation for accreditation surveys. Most importantly, Warren helped JHNJ with bridging the communication gap between the staff of the Operating Rooms and the staff of the Sterile Processing departments. Warren Nist from Evolved Sterile Processing, LLC, was an extremely valuable consultant for JHNJ, and will be for any hospital system. I would not hesitate to use his services again if needed.

Award Plaque for Sterile Processing
Appreciation Certificate
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