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Knowing Your Staff's Weaknesses

Getting staff feedback is an essential part of managing the Central Sterile Processing Department (CSSD). Having continual open conversations with staff will help you develop a deeper understanding of your staff's roadblocks in their daily work functions.

Creating a high-functioning department by removing the roadblocks is the responsibility of the department's leadership team.

Difficulties in the workplace come in many different forms. Solving workplace problems takes time and patience. As the adage says, " two heads are better than one." Utilizing your staff's strengths often can help solve departmental weaknesses. Developing an individual knowledge of each of your staff's strengths is essential.

Rounding with your team allows you to dive deeper into individual's needs. It also allows you to develop a roadmap of success for each of your staff. Like building blocks, staff's individual successes will drive process improvement in the department. Coupling individual roadmaps can help in the development of process-improvement plans.

Process development utilizing workgroups with strengths and weaknesses within the area of development gives you a greater chance of solving issues, emphasizing meeting the needs of a larger group. The fault of many leadership groups is tackling issues without the proper input from their team. This often causes the improvement mark to be missed. Knowing the weaknesses within your department only comes with seeking them out. Reaching out to your staff for input does not show a deficiency in your leadership but strength in your character.

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