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Remote Equipment Support in CSSD

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

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Remote equipment support in the Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) should be considered essential. With the healthcare fields' IT interventions from electronic health records to digital radiography, CSSD should be on the cutting edge, too.

Far too often, sterilization and decontamination equipment in the CSSD goes out of service only to wait days or longer for repair services to arrive. This negatively impacts the overall production of the department. Equipment manufacturers continue to reduce the number of service technicians available, all while increasing their territories. Some manufacturers have even gone as far as to contract out to other service companies to support their products. With a mean cost of OR time being around $36 to $37 per minute per a JAMA report, downtime can significantly impact the hospital's bottom line.

Most reprocessing equipment has internet connectivity ports. Remote access via intranet lines plugged into the reprocessing equipment can help circumvent downtime. Remote access centers supported by the equipment manufacturers' survey information that is relayed from the equipment. The remote service team picks up abnormalities in equipment performance and can reach out directly to the manufacturers' equipment technicians in your area. Early detection of equipment issues allows mitigation to occur more quickly. This saves time on response and saves you the time wasted on reaching out to the manufacturer when the equipment fails. It will also help save your bottom line.

Building a remote service plan is not difficult. If you failed to install internet cables when your CSSD department was built, don't despair. Internet lines can be run after the fact, although it is generally more expensive. The best-case scenario is to plan ahead and place them in your construction design. Opt for equipment and a manufacturer that offers remote support. Purchase a service contract that outlines services response time accountability. Lastly, if you need financial support, reach out to your OR team. They will gladly support you.

At Evolved Sterile Processing, our consultants have a greater focus on sterile processing. With our decades of experience, we will help you develop better processes and educational resources for your staff.

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